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SENSEAR-SM1XSR Industrial Headset



Communicate headset-to-headset without the need for a two-way radio
Sensear’s workgroup headsets enable clear headset-to-headset communication in noisy industrial environments through a build in short range radio. Users of the SM1xSR benefit from its wireless communication capabilities at a short range while at the same time integrating with existing two way radio systems or Bluetooth solutions allowing workers to be part of thye wider network.


  • Headset-to-headset PTT communication
  • Connect two-way radios via Bluetooth or via cable
  • Connect to mobile devices (HSP and HFP profiles) via Bluetooth
  • Talk ‘face-to-face’
  • Built in rechargeable battery(lithium-ion)
  • SENS Technology
  • VOC capable
  • Enhances speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level
  • Remain aware of surrounding noises and hazards
  • Limit ‘in-ear’ noise exposure to 82dB
  • Rugged and lightweigth design
  • Range of 23-25 dB. NRR(noise reduction rating)
  • Noise-cancelling boom mic
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